books and music


Bought school books from Gibert Jeune, a series of widely known bookstores in Paris. Each store offers different genres of books. I went to store 10 for foreign languages. This was a odd experience since I was shopping around french and foreign students my age and all of us were gathering grammar books in a store of atleast 15 different languages and cultures. You can only imagine the number of lost and confused expressions I saw there…

Also, I went to Pigalle, apparently the quartier of sex shops and night shows in Paris.

Yes mom, you read that correctly, sex and shows.


However, I was there for the street of guitar shops. ( yes literally one street  dedicated to stores selling guitars)

I bought a Takemine from Star’s Music shop. I had  a really nice young french guy (who I might add was very hansome) help me out. It was amusing how both of us were on the same level of the other’s language, but we both manged well. I learned that he has family in Austin and that he knew of the Gibson Guitar factory in Memphis where I attend college. He wants to visit both cities someday. small world or not?

Peace for now,


oh and bought some pj pants from a store called Undiz.


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