recap so far

Recap: past two weeks. favorite moments

-sleeping through orientation meetings day 1 of arrival 

-sleeping through orientation meetings round 2 day 2

– getting my tourist pants on and just walking around Paris with no concrete path

–  3rd night in Paris when my host father gave me his famous night tour of the city in the very very small family car. (I learned very quickly that I never want to drive here. ever.)

-sitting  on the steps of L’Academie Internationale de la Musique and watching a man play piano on the street

-realizing I walk everywhere and that I can eat all the delicious freshly baked breads offered to me, all day everyday.

– finding a piano bar in Le Marais. A woman sang american and french songs, (including Call Me Maybe haha…) She had a raspy Norah Jones voice and a male piano accompanist who sang too. (Cheap happy hour and good live music)

-eating the best falafel pita sandwich in my life  with my french class in Le Marias. The sandwich was mixed with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, hummus, onions, and cucumber.

-getting french music from my host family at dinner. This involved youtube and singing together. (just so you know, my host father also likes Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and Louis Armstrong)




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