yo-yo ma’s got it right

Parisians have a silent critical demeanor when they travel. They do not talk nor speak to you  when they are out and bout. My awkward Texan self, who feels the need to acknowledge everyone in public, is foreign to this secluded nature.

Therefore, through shuffle on my Ipod, I have found “les chansons” that can change the always somber mood of Parisians on the go.

1. ” Dolce De Coco” Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D’ Rivera,  and Romero Lumbambo 

Paris is dreamy.

The typical angry Parisian couple seen yelling and throwing their hands up at a cafe about their damned mobile company will be transformed into a young couple declaring their everlasting devotion to one another, ushering the waiter to bring a bottle of wine to the table for a celebration.


2. “Blurred Lines” Robin Thicke

Everyone commuting to work becomes completely ridiculous. You are Ferris Bueller.



3.  “You’re Beautiful” James Blunt (classic)

The metro and European men, all day everyday, case closed.


4. “Love Today” MIKA

To counteract the depressing and awkward mood of the metro… seriously everyone  either looks like their family dog just died or that England was claimed by TIMES magazine to house the best wines . They are also  conspicuously  staring at you as if you had the plague.


Ill add more as I go.




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