Marché aux Puces de Saint- Ouen

I went to Marché aux Puces, a huge flea market, in Saint-Ouen last weekend.

Marché aux Puces is was one of the largest flea markets in Paris that sells all the vintage glory and fake junk you could possibly desire.

When I first arrived at the market, I thought I was in the wrong place. All the tents around me were only selling forged goods like Luis Vuitton knock off purses, underwear printed with rainbow desert macaroons for men, and bongs for smoking. My favorite.

Before turning around, I walked further along the street and walked smack into the past.

I was finally in the Marché aux Puces famous for selling vintage and sometimes bizarre items. You can find anything; refurbished Louis XVI chairs, vintage Chanel jewelry, Christian Lacroix pieces, old stamps and used postcards, art deco, hand painted china, to classic childrens toys. I personally enjoyed seeing all of the old furniture, specifically some ridiculously bedazzled 20s palm tree lamps.

If you have the chance to go, you will find a maze of streets and buildings that are included in the general flea market. In particular, you should visit the market, Marché Biron. This street literally has a red carpet on its narrow cobblestone road that takes you through the most expensive market in Paris. There are century old mirrors, gold clocks, diamond chandeliers, fabulously expensive jewelry, and eager store owners ready to chat.

I also happened to cross paths with a random lady dressed in an old medieval leather get up who was walking along the red carpet of Marché Biron with an eagle on her arm…. ?

Well, it was impressive to see an eagle up front and personal. (even the drool dripping off its beak)




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