Brussels in a heartbeat

Last Friday, I visited Brussels with one of my classes. I  had a short visit to Grand Place,the main city square. Around the square were twisting cobble stone lanes of door to door shops and restaurants with huge drooping lamps  and lingering smells of hot waffles and chocolate in the air.

Not a bad place to be.


On my lunch  break, I had a short walk around the square. I passed through a small market that sold trinkets, handmade scarves and jewelry, and local art. I saw lots of souvenir key chains and pictures of this statue of a boy taking a pee.  I later learned that they were replications of the Manneken Pis, a famous statue that has many cult stories of its existence in Brussels.( for instance, one story is that  the statue was commemorated to a boy who went to the restroom on explosives during the Siege. That was one smart infant…) This statue is dressed up for every holiday occasion in Brussels and is seen in some image form in most restaurants and shops.

Then, for lunch,  I had a famous Belgium meal of fresh mussels and fries.

Lastly, I had planned to buy chocolates at one of the famous chocolate shops in la gallerie de la reine but I ran out of time due to class. However, I was able to buy Neuhaus chocolate while running to meet my train. I had:

Manon Choco Café -coffee buttercream

Aphrodite-vanilla butter cream on gianduja (gianduja is a sweet chocolate that contains hazelnuts. yeh I no idea either)

Seduction- nougat with dark chocolate and raspberry cream (but really, it is that good)

Pagode-coffee ganache  on gianduja

and a chocolate and coconut bar too.

the chocolates were delicious. rich. creamy.


After my day in Brussels I took a train to Amsterdam for a complete flip of venues.


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