Ms. Walter Mitty

I feel like Walter Mitty now but we all do at some point. We  all have dreams; buying that shiny car to race down the street, taking that thrilling escape to go underwater cave diving, chasing bullets and rolling under cars as James Bond, becoming the next the food critic paid to talk, travel,and dine the menu of the world, or speaking in a crowd of a thousands, ready to effortlessly and unforgettably express your soul through music. We all have dreams, but we don’t always buy the ticket, step off our lawn, or turn the page. I took my dream of studying in Paris,of truly living on my own and I desperately want it back.  But school comes first and Ill be done in a scary blink of an eye.

( link to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

So finally ending my blog and wishing my best to a friend studying in Aix-en-Provence in France the best of luck.

Here are the last weeks I spent in Paris and traveling with my Mom.

We went to Strasbourg,France, St. Goar and Koln, Germany, and London.

We flew home from London four days before Christmas and I oddly had the strangest feeling that I had left a part of me in that bustling city.




Strasbourg, the Christmas city.



Strasbourg Cathedral.Soloists of Zagreb with conductor Marc Coppey




SIMG_0772 IMG_0773

mom’s first dinner crepe with an extra raw egg for flavor 😉



outside Strasbourg Cathedral


IMG_0777 IMG_0794 IMG_0848

Koln, Germany

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0811

St. Goar


Rheinsfels Castle in St. Goar (we stayed there for a night) with a German family reunion occurring at our dinner, involving many speeches, lots of beer, and piano playing.




IMG_0871 IMG_0872

Transparency on a whole new level



long train ride.



Blue Rooster in front of the National gallery in London…


Changing of the guards, Buckingham Palace

IMG_0917commitment IMG_0950

Tower Bridge, we went inside the top and walked across

IMG_0969 IMG_0769 IMG_0877

I was really surprised by how modern London was, I guess after living in Paris for a time, anything would seem new would seem to contrast. I was very impressed with London’s architecture.


lost in Germany waiting for any train to come. long story, one split second mistake.


Lastly, I took class when I returned called Re-entry back home. (something all those  lines). This class of which I had no opinion of at first was the best decision i made post study abroad.

Three other students, a wonderful professor, and I  would meet up once a week for about an hour and half to two hours and just talk and reflect on our experiences and now how we built and grew from our newly found perceptions on life while abroad. One friend traveled and studied on a ship and went to 16 different countries! Another studied in Seville, Spain, soaking in the long naps and nightlife. and the  other studied in Florence, diving head first into art and dining.  I had truly had the best time in this course, I was able to realize how much I did and didn’t change, talk forever about trips and falls without feeling like I bumbling or bragging along to friends who didn’t want to hear about adventures that I hadn’t a chance to experience. This meetings were the highlight of my week.

We also were asked to read the book The Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer in this course.  I understand even more now after reading this work the importance of becoming a world citizen, accepting that all lives grow in their own soil and see the world differently. You can not impose yourself onto others but you can work together with each other in mind to strive for peace.


there it is my some what conclusion but truly my beginning to experience travel on my own.

I am very thankful for my study abroad and this will not be my last one. for studying is a never ending process till death do us part.



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