Amsterdam, a lovely surprise

I am finally looking at my blog again. and posting some drafts I had lost the time to publish.


Two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam after having a class in Brussels.

I took a train from Brussels to Amsterdam after a class trip to the EU.

I stayed in a christian hostel in the Red Light District. There are so many things wrong with that sentence.(they served the best breakfast every morning though!)

Before visiting, I had envisioned Amsterdam in my head as this dirty and sketchy place full of pot heads. Instead  I saw Amsterdam as a beautiful and refreshing wonder place full of pot heads and families. There are winding canals, huge trees, and tons of dutch houses and shops lining the streets. There are street vendors with the best fried doughnuts and belgium waffles you will ever eat.  The museums here are fantastic. I went to the Rijks Musuem, the Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Franks house.

Both the art museums were worth the lines. I was able to see the famous Waterloo and the Night Watch at the Rijks.  The Van Gogh museum housed his earliest works of drawings and paintings to his last pieces at the end of his life. I really enjoyed seeing his work up close, like most art, you have to see it in person to get the full effect. It was neat to see the thick layering and strokes of Van Gogh’s work. I could have spent hours there. (maybe someone day I can own one of his paintings). His work was delicious.

Anne Frank’s house was depressing but necessary. We had all either read or heard of her diary in junior high. But walking through her house, climbing through the secret bookcase and up the steep ladder into the rooms of the past family, and strolling over creaking floorboards was unforgettable. There were photos of the house when the family lived there, before and during the war. There were images of the household survivors, including her dad who spoke about life alone.

Everyone rides bikes here, seriously, I almost got hit multiple times by people riding bikes.


The red light district was awkward. What else would it be? Crowds of men whoring around the windows looking through the glass at loosely clad barbies standing on raised platforms. Sad but a living.

There were some great bars and restaurants around there too. It was brisk during our stay and a warm hot meal was always on our plates. I also had the most magnificent Belgium waffle, titled the strawberry shortcake.


Amsterdam was a surreal adventure. Its a zany city that I suggest you experience one day.



IMG_0389 IMG_0393 above is Anne Frank’s home.

IMG_0394 IMG_0391 IMG_0396 IMG_0404the Rijks is behind me.IMG_0409

IMG_0412 IMG_0415the Van Gogh museum.



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